Follow your instincts, get back to basics, go…bush


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Heiman Helper

Heiman Hatchet - $299 (blade only). $349 (with scabbard)

The most versatile and unique survival blade on the market! Australian owned, designed and made. Adapted for all conditions. Patent – 2014100665

Nordic Axe

SOL Rescue Flash Mirror $20

Target planes, helicopters, and distant search and rescue teams with the Rescue Flash™ Signal Mirror. Depending on conditions, this ultra-bright signal is visible for up to 50km.

Survival Bracelet

Survival Bracelet $10

The fashionable survival tool, look smart and save yourself!

Alive and Kick’n – Survival and Rescue

Alive and Kick’n – Survival and Rescue $59

Easy to read Survival book for the car, caravan – and YOU.

Drop Leg Molle Rig

Drop Leg - Utility Rig $50

The man-bag for the bush - Never leave home without it.

Drop Leg - SBSB

Drop Leg – SBSB First Aid Rig $60

A Stings, Bites, Sprains and Burns first aid kit made to be carried on you.

Heiman Hat

Heiman Hat $95
($60 Reduce, Reuse, Recycle)

The first ever self help kit in a camouflaged Australian icon.

Bushbow 3D Target – Rabbit Cube

AMK SOL Escape Bivvy bag $110
(in OD Green and Rescue Orange)

Stay warm AND dry in this revolutionary backcountry / emergency Bivvy bag. Weighs just 240g.

Bushbow 3D Target - marbled Boar or Cat

AMK SOL Escape-Lite Bivvy bag $90

Stay warm AND dry in this ultra-light summer Bivvy and emergency Bivvy bag. Weighs just 150g.

SOL/AMK 2 person Survival 

AMK SOL 2 person Survival
Blanket $20

Be seen – Be saved, with the world’s best Survival Blanket.

SOL/AMK Sports Utility

AMK SOL Sports Utility Blanket $40

This is a hard wearing multi-function emergency shelter with the durability to be re-used as a survival blanket, emergency shelter or thermal ground sheet.

Heiman Helper

Nordic Axe (Head only) $60

With a pick at one end, this Nordic Fireman’s Axe can do a lot around your campsite.

Heiman Helper

CQB Belt $15

The perfect outdoors waist strap.

Survival playing cards

Survival Playing Cards $15 each

The basic survival tips in your poker hand could help save your life.

Heiman Helper

Vuee Tuee $15 (with inserts $25)

A 20 page notebook with transparent plastic sleeves. Perfect for any outdoors person.

Heiman Helper

Bumper Sticker - ‘Hatchet’ $5

‘Follow your instincts, get back to basics … Go Bush’ Bumper sticker in the shape of the Heiman Hatchet!

Heiman Helper

Collapsible Bucket $10

10 litre bucket that collapses to fold away .

Universal Kit Tin

Transpiration Bags $5

The most practical and energy efficient way of sourcing water in Australia with multiple secondary uses.

AMK SOL Origin survival kit

AMK SOL Origin survival kit $80

Welcome to the future of survival – the Origin™ is mandatory equipment for any outdoor adventurer.

Ngunnawal Plant Use Book

Ngunnawal Plant Use Book $22

A practical bush tucker book that includes other indigenous uses (like shelter, water, fire and tools).

Universal Kit Tin

Bumper Sticker ‘Kids’ $4

Tell the world what you really think. ‘Kids that hunt and fish, don’t steal and deal’