Follow your instincts, get back to basics, go…bush
  • Heiman Helper
    Heiman Hatchet

    Heiman Hatchet
    $299 (blade only).
    $349 (with scabbard)

    The most versatile and unique survival blade on the market! Australian owned, designed and made. Adapted for all conditions. Patent – 2014100665

  • Drop Leg MOLLE rig
    Drop Leg Molle Utility Rig

    Utility Rig $50

    The man-bag for the bush - Never leave home without it.

  • Survival Bracelet
    Survival Bracelet

    Survival Bracelet $10

    The fashionable survival tool, look smart and save yourself!

  • Survival Blanket
    Survival Blanket

    SOL/AMK 2 person Survival
    Blanket $15

    Be seen – Be saved, with the world’s best Survival Blanket.


Follow your instincts, get back to basics, go… bush.

Welcome to Heiman Habitat, a site that offers you key resources to get out into this wide brown land of ours – knowing what it offers us, and how it can challenge us.

In these days of 24/7 technology, too many of us spend too long out of touch with our natural environment. Can we quantify the benefits of engaging with our natural world? Probably not. But whether we look for tranquility, old-style mate-ship, fitness or to challenge ourselves, those of us searching for ways to get ‘back to basics’ know that the benefits are real – if immeasurable. Whether you’re a camper, poet, bushwalker, archer or all of these - at Heiman Habitat we aim to support your passion for the outdoors.

Heiman Habitat is the inspiration of Scott Heiman. Scott has been a member of the Australian Bowhunters Association since 1983 and his family is known throughout the field archery fraternity. Scott has been an infantry soldier and officer in the Army Reserve since 1994 and he specialises in field-craft, weapons handling, the remediation of remnants of war and historical analysis. Scott is an environmental scientist with several years’ experience as a project manager within Government for a number of significant State and National environmental protection initiatives and Australia’s first chemical weapons remediation project. Previously, Scott was a member of the Australian Federal Police where he was a senior fire-arms instructor.

Scott is supported by his wife Kath and their young daughter Scout. Kath was raised on a rural property and joined her family on numerous trips to outback Australia well before such trips were a common-place activity for adventurous families. She is a lawyer who has spent the majority of her professional life focusing on Australia’s international defence relationships within the region and beyond. Scout joined the Heiman team in December 2010. Kath and Scott are determined to offer Scout all the inspiration she needs to respect and engage with her natural surroundings. Let ‘nature deficit disorder’ never afflict the Heiman household!

Please note that Heiman Habitat aims to inspire. The online bush craft and survival resources offered by Heiman Habitat are intended for general guidance only and do not replace your individual responsibility to acquire and apply relevant training, experience and knowledge - including from nationally accredited training providers - and to enjoy the outdoors in a reasonable and responsible manner. Heiman Habitat and its Directors can accept no liability for any injury, loss or damage howsoever occasioned to any person acting or refraining to act on the basis of any resources and/or information (including any errors or omissions) made available by Heiman Habitat and its Directors whether on this website or in any other form.